Who We Are



  • Talia Sternberg – Talia joined the AVP Board in 2017 and is dedicated to furthering the organization’s reach through effective marking. While her background is in communications, she has always spent her free time advocating for social justice issues including race and economic status. Talia’s move to Colorado prompted a career change fully focused on mission driven work. She is now helping people at the Mental Health Center of Denver find fulfilling careers. Talia is drawn to AVP’s mission as it aligns with her beliefs that all humans deserve respect and an opportunity to thrive – and that learning to effectively process experiences and communicate with others can have an immeasurable impact.

  • Cindy Hamilton, MA, PHR – Cindy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Human Resources. During her professional career in Human Resources Management, Cindy has negotiated and resolved many complex issues, using compassion and equity as her guides. She joined the AVP Board in 2018, excited to contribute in such a meaningful way; blending her passion for reducing violence with her professional experience. Cindy believes that everyone has the ability to positively change their own life, in addition to contributing to positive changes in their community.

  • Jhil Marquantte – Jhil was released on February 27th, 2018, after serving 25 years and 8 months in Colorado’s Department of Corrections. While on the inside, he participated in many programs which helped him find the path toward his vision of a bright, successful future. Yes, AVP was one of them. In his words, “AVP helped me remember who I really am, allowed me to find value in myself, which was reflected in my choices; showed me how to communicate with respect towards others, which translates to having compassion and empathy for them as well. The workshops helped me find a confidence I had no idea I had lost! This confidence, combined with a sense of value for self, and empathy and respect for others are the foundations of all of my choices today.” Since his release in late February, Jhil has worked at REMERG (re-entry website) and served on panels that are working to help come up with solutions to recidivism in Colorado. He joined the AVP Board in September 2018.

  • Sabrina Ford joined the AVP board in 2018. With a passion for marketing driven by data analysis she is using her experience and knowledge to further the organization’s mission. As the former Communication Chair of BLM Detroit, Sabrina came to the board with a passion for social justice activism. Sabrina earned a Bachelor’s of Science Studying Marketing and Political Science from Eastern Michigan University. 

  • Dana Brown – Dana joined the Board of Directors of AVP Colorado in December 2018, just months after her release in August, after serving 23 years and 5 months in Denver Women’s Correctional Facility. During her time on the inside, Dana achieved growth and healing through several important programs, one of which was AVP. After more than 15 years as an AVP participant and facilitator, she acquired leadership skills and the tools to become a thriving, compassionate member of her community. As Dana puts it: “AVP helped to remind me that I am not just a number, but a human being that loves, is kind, is compassionate and ready to give back. It helped me with my communication skills, especially how to use ‘I’ statements, in important conversations to increase the chances of arriving at a win-win outcome through transforming power. The workshops helped me stay grounded and always open to meeting new people. I am so glad that I have stayed connected! AVP is more than just an organization to me — it is a way of life.”

  • Kara Rowland – A longtime journalist, Kara joined the Board of AVP Colorado in 2019. Kara’s passion for the organization stems from her work as an apprentice facilitator at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, where she has witnessed firsthand how applying AVP principles and treating inmates with dignity and respect can result in transformative growth for all involved. Specifically, she is committed to the axioms that there is good in everyone and that we are all teachers—just as we are all learners. With a background in both print and television news, Kara hopes to use her media chops to raise AVP Colorado’s profile in the community.

  • Margaret Browne, Project Director – Margaret has more than 25 years of experience in policy, management and financial analysis working for the City and County of Denver, where she served as the Finance Director from 1999 to 2007, reporting directly to the Mayor of Denver. Since 2008, Margaret has been active in various capacities for AVP Colorado. She was a board member, volunteered to assist in various administrative capacities and is a certified AVP facilitator.  She was instrumental in streamlining AVP Colorado into its current organizational structure as a sponsored project under the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. She has served as Project Director since September 2012. 

  • Máire Callan, Volunteer Coordinator – Máire is delighted to be part of the growth of AVP Colorado and brings a wealth of skills and experience to the position of Volunteer Coordinator. For more than 15 years, Máire worked in dental practice management, where she acted as liaison between doctors and staff. This entailed cultivating patient rapport, promoting staff teamwork and morale, implementing new collection and management policies, and training staff to solve problems creatively and work together toward a common goal. She also organized multiple appointment schedules, managed numerous research projects, and facilitated all personal and professional correspondence. Máire graduated with Distinction from the Iliff School of Theology, where she embarked on a career change that specialized in Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy. As a trained AVP Facilitator, she has completed AVP workshops at the Colorado Correctional Center, Denver Women’s Correctional Facility and Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center.